Apple iPhone 5S Halloween Cases

Halloween Apple iPhone 5s caseOne of The biggest advantages of the Apple iPhone 5S being released in the fall is the fact that you now can now find an iPhone 5S Halloween case to use to protect your iPhone 5s.

Perhaps there is not a huge market for Halloween iPhone 5S cases, but we definitely have a few that we think you would like to have at your next Halloween party.

The SwitchEasy monsters silicone cases for the Apple iPhone 5S are creative, unique, silly, and just a little bit scary. This makes them a great option for using this Halloween. Here are a few reasons why:

• In addition to the design, which includes a silly or scary face on the rear of your iPhone 5 case, these cases also are so good at protecting your phone that it is scary. For example, the silicone that covers these Apple iPhone 5S cases provides your phone with the shock-resistant covering that minimizes the risk of damage when your phone is dropped.

• You might be surprised at what you get when you buy one of these cases. You actually receive quite a bit. For example, if you buy one of these iPhone 5S Halloween cases, you will also receive two front screen protectors, one microfiber wipe, a squeegee for the screen card application, and two connector protectors.

• The front screen protectors are especially advantageous given that the screen is exposed with this case. The bezel surrounds the phone protects the screen from being dropped and hitting something flat, but damage from keys or coins kept in your pocket could occur if you do not use a screen protector. Because these cases include two screen protectors, you should be in good shape.

•  The case also includes an amazing level of attention paid to the tactile button covers. This means that you can easily push the buttons that surround your iPhone 5S without needing to worry about them not working. The buttons will respond because these cases were created with care.

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