Four Best iPhone 5c Cases

The best iPhone 5c cases vary in style and functionality. Just like iPhone users themselves, these cases are different. However, there are some things that all of the best iPhone 5c cases have in common — most specifically, a high level of quality.

Quality can be defined in a few different ways, but in our minds, quality is the combination of functionality and beauty. Here are four of the best iPhone 5c cases we offer. Check them out and we think you’ll see why we have such confidence in their quality.

best iPhone 5c cases 1

Piel Frama 597 Black Leather Slim Pouch for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C

These Piel Frama cases are among the best iPhone 5c cases thanks to the fact that the case is minimal and unobtrusive. Simply slide your iPhone 5c into the case and you will cloak your phone in beautiful leather.

best iPhone 5c cases 2

Piel Frama 598 Black Pull Case for Apple iPhone 5 / 5S / 5C

This Piel Frama iPhone 5c case features the same high-quality leather that is included in the pouch mentioned above, but there are a couple key differences. One is that this case includes a pull strap that helps you easily remove the pone from the case when needed. This case also includes a window on the front that allows you to easily see the time without needing to remove the iPhone.

best iPhone 5c cases 3

Piel Frama 637 Black Magnetic Leather Case for Apple iPhone 5C

Again, the leather included with this case is immaculate thanks to the fact that this case — and all Piel Frama cases — are handcrafted by Spanish leather artisans. This case also includes two credit card slots and a money pocket.

best iPhone 5c cases 4

SwitchEasy Black PLAY Stand Case for Apple iPhone 5C

If you want a change of pace, this iPhone 5c case provides it. It includes a solid grip as well as a kickstand that allows you to rest it on a table while watching your favorites show or movie.



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