How to Care for and Clean a Leather Apple iPhone 5 Case

how to clean leather Apple iPhone 5 cases

Now that you have a beautiful leather Apple iPhone 5 case, you’d do well to ensure that the case stays in pristine shape by learning how to care for and clean it. Here are a few tips about what you should do to ensure that your case remains as beautiful as it was the day you bought it.

• Never place your leather Apple iPhone 5 case in direct heat or sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Trust us, this doesn’t end well. Any unnatural application of heat to your leather iPhone 5 case can cause the case to dry and crack. Also, don’t be the person who thinks it is a good idea to blow dry your case if it gets wet.

• If your leather case does get wet, simply do the best you can to absorb the moisture from it with a towel. Do not rub the case as you attempt to dry it, and make sure that once you’ve removed all the moisture you can that you simply let it sit in room temperature to continue drying.

• Do you like to breathe? Well so does your leather iPhone 5 case. When your case is stored or not in use, cover it with a breathable cloth. Do not place it in an airtight area – such as a plastic bag.

• Wipe the case down with a cotton cloth if it is starting to attract excess dirt and dust, but only do so when the case is completely dry.

Continuing to care for and clean your Apple iPhone 5 leather case will extend its life and allow it to remain beautiful.


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