iPhone 4S Cases to Replace Your Wallet

If you really think about it, how important is your wallet to you? Aside from your debit card, credit card and driver’s license, you probably have a collection of receipts, unused library cards and old hotel room key cards that are mostly just taking up space. There are several iPhone 4S cases that are designed to allow you to decrease the clutter in your life by offering pouches and compartments in which you can store your most-important items.

Some of the top wallet-replacing iPhone 4S cases include:

Case-Mate ID Credit Card Cases

Case-Mate iPhone 4S ID Credit Card cases feature a slim design that includes a credit card slot that is large enough to fit two items the size of credit cards. As is true with all other Case-Mate cases, the case offers easy access to all controls and ports.

SwitchEasy iPhone 4S Cases

With space for only one card, SwitchEasy iPhone 4S cases do not offer as much space for cards as Case-Mate cases do, however SwitchEasy cases might be better concealers. These SwitchEasy cases keep your card hidden until you use the case’s special button mechanism to eject it.

Speck CandyShell Card iPhone 4S Cases

A Speck CandyShell Card iPhone 4S case allows you to store up to three credit-card sized cards while still maintaining its sleek and ultra-slim appearance. When you are in need of one of the cards, retrieving them is as easy as pressing the thumb release on these Speck cases.

Incipio Stowaway Hard Shell Credit Card iPhone 4S Cases

Incipio Stowaway Hard Shell credit card cases for the iPhone 4S perhaps provide more space than all other types of wallet-replacing iPhone 4S cases. This iPhone 4S case includes a secure and slim snap-close compartment that is large enough to store cash and cards.

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