Noreve Nokia Lumia 920 Case Review

Noreve Nokia Lumia 920 casesThe Nokia Lumia 920 was supposed to be a big hit for Nokia and for Windows Phones. While the success of the phone has been fine, the success of the Noreve Lumia 920 cases can be summed up in one word — stellar.

There is something about these cases that truly set them apart from many of the other cases that you might find for the Nokia Lumia 920. So what is it about these cases that are so great? Let us take a minute and tell you about our observations in this Noreve Nokia Lumia 920 case review.


We really like the fact that these cases are beautiful from head to toe and inside and out. First of all, the leather is immaculate and soothing to the touch. Secondly, the case is chock-full of beauty — even in places that you might not expect. For example, the interior lining is embossed with the Noreve logo. This is a simple and powerful example of Noreve’s commitment to producing a beautiful case.


The case is not only elegant, but also is handcrafted from top-quality leather. This means that your Nokia Lumia 920 will be wrapped in one of the finest cases you can find. The slim and padded design is constructed in a way that allows you to easily access the phone and protect it.


This is definitely not one of those Nokia Lumia 920 cases that is all about appearances,  but has nothing about real protection. You’ll find that the case is well-padded and is designed to offer protection from multiple angles. An accidental drop of this case doesn’t seem to damage your Nokia Lumia 920 in the slightest thanks to the stellar protection that the case provides. Even the screen is well protected.

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