OtterBox Cases

OtterBox was founded on the premise that it is normal to be klutzy, chaotic and graceless with your mobile device. Because people cannot be expected to never make a mistake when holding their mobile devices, OtterBox creates cases that are designed to help preserve the devices you buy. The name OtterBox was derived from a brainstorming session between company CEO Curt Richardson and his spouse. The couple thought up OtterBox because – like the otter’s fur – the company’s original line of cases were waterproof.

OtterBox cases are among some of the highest-quality cases available on the market. OtterBox has created four series of cases to accommodate all types of mobile devices and device owners. These series include the Defender Series, the Reflex Series, the Commuter Series and the Impact Series. While the cases that make up each of these series are strong and impeccably manufactured, each series also has characteristics that make its cases different from the other series. is proud to provide offer you choices from each of these four series.

OtterBox Defender Series Cases

Defender Series cases are known for their high-impact polycarbonate shells and durable impact-absorbing silicone that is found at the base of the case. These cases also feature port and button protectors that are designed to keep your device’s ports and buttons clean and operational. Thanks to the screen protectors on these OtterBox cases, your device’s screens are protected from dust and scratches.

Owners of multiple types of smartphones and other mobile devices can use Defender Series cases. OtterBox creates Defender Series cases that are custom-built to work with the iPhone, iPad, HTC Evo, Droid X2 and more.

OtterBox Reflex Series Cases

Reflex Series cases provide an unsurpassed level of security for your mobile devices. The Reflex Series case provides a cushion of air. The case flexes upon impact and then returns to its original form after impact. These OtterBox cases provide a maximum level of protection, but thanks to the fact that they are thin and lightweight, you barely notice your device has a case on it at all.

OtterBox creates Reflex Series cases for the iPhone 4/4S, the iPad 2, the fourth-generation iPod Touch and the BlackBerry Curve. These cases include a self-adhering touch screen protector, easy snap on/snap off access and a slick exterior.

OtterBox Commuter Series Cases

The Commuter Series cases feature custom-molded polycarbonate shells that provide a tight fit around your mobile device. Because these cases have a smooth, sleek finish, they are able to easily slide in and out of your pocket when you need to grab your phone or put it away at a moment’s notice. The self-adhering screen protector and the impact-absorbing silicone work together to protect your device from bumps, shock and scratches.

OtterBox manufactures Commuter Series cases for all versions of the iPhone, the HTC Sensation, Samsung Galaxy, BlackBerry Torch, iPad, Motorola Atrix and dozens of other types of mobile phones and devices. Many of these OtterBox cases are available in a variety of colors, such as black, green, hot pink and white.

OtterBox Impact Series Cases

OtterBox’s Impact Series cases are the company’s most-simply designed cases, but they prove that sometimes less is more. Thanks to the simple design and functionality of these cases, users are able to use them without worrying about the cases getting in the way. One of the most-valuable features on Impact Series cases are the textured backs that allow users to avoid losing their grip on the phone, regardless of how much they might use them.

OtterBox produces Impact Series cases for all versions of the iPhone, the HTC Evo, the Samsung Captivate and many other types of phones and mobile devices.

Regardless of the type of OtterBox cases you order from, you will find high-quality cases that will protect your investment in your mobile device.

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