Piel Frama Leather Wallet iPhone 5 Case vs. Waterproof Lifeproof iPhone 5 Case

Piel Frama Lifeproof iPhone 5 cases

If you have already done a little perusing for iPhone 5 cases on Cases.com, we’re certain you have already found that it might be difficult to make up your mind regarding which case to buy thanks to the fact that we feature so many different types of quality cases.

Two of the cases that many of our customers gravitate toward are the Piel Frama leather wallet iPhone 5 cases and the waterproof Lifeproof iPhone 5 cases, despite the fact that these two cases are quite different.

Use this comparison guide to determine which case will work best for you.


Piel Frama leather case Lifeproof waterproof case
Piel Frama iPhone 5 case thumbnail Lifeproof iPhone 5 case thumbnail
Protection These Piel Frama cases provide a high level of protection against occasional bumps and drops. Likewise, the screen remains we protected thanks to the leather flap magnetic flap that keeps the screen covered at virtually all times.


It my be difficult to find an iPhone 5 case anywhere that protects as well as these Lifeproof cases. In addition to being waterproof (let us repeat, waterproof!) these cases also protect your iPhone in other ways.


Appearance The Piel Frama case is made from authentic Spanish leather and is handcrafted from some of the world’s most skilled leather artisans. This means you may not find a more beautiful case anywhere.


These iPhone 5 cases are sturdy, yet slick. Certainly they are not designed to have the fine, leather appearance that Piel Frama cases have, but they hold their own against other protective cases in the appearance department.


Extras These cases also include credit card holders that are designed to help you leave your wallet at home.


These cases are also dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof.


Price $89 $80

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