Speck Black PixelSkin HD for Apple iPhone 5 Review

Speck Black PixelSkin HD for Apple iPhone 5Speck is a name that has become well-trusted by consumers as well as by Apple, as the company actually has done some promotion of Speck as a company itself. One of the top Speck cases that we offer is the Speck Black PixelSkin HD for the Apple iPhone 5.

Certainly we feel the attention this case receives is warranted, but we want for you to know for yourself if it is a case that will work well for you. That’s why we spent some time with this case — so we could give you the best and most accurate opinions.

Grip: If grip were the only important thing for an Apple iPhone 5 case, then perhaps these Speck cases would be the absolute best cases you can buy anywhere. Yes, the grip is really that good. The PixelSkin design helps ensure that any slip of the phone from your hand basically will not happen unless you try to throw it (not recommended, by the way).

Protection: In addition to having a superior grip, these Apple iPhone 5 cases also feature an impeccable amount of protection. A minor bump or drop that a lesser case might not protect from is never even a concern if you own one of these Speck PixelSkin Apple iPhone 5 cases. Similarly, these cases are able to hold up to some fairly significant damage. Will this case protect your iPhone 5? Absolutely.

Tactile Buttons: This is perhaps the one area that Speck could improve on these cases, albeit only slightly. Some of the most tactile button covers are so easy to press that you barely even notice the buttons are there covering the power and volume buttons. Pressing these buttons on the PixelSkin case is still simple, but if this is the main feature you are seeking, there are other cases you also could consider.

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