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What Is the Best iPad Air Case for the Money?

best iPad Air case for the money

If you need an iPad Air case, we know that you are not interested in spending money on a case that does not suit your needs. However, we also now that you do not want to spend a mini fortune on the case.

There needs to be some middle ground in which you can find a solid case that also is attractive and affordable. If you find this middle ground, you will also find the best iPad Air case for the money.

In our estimation, perhaps the best iPad Air case for the money that you can buy is the PDair leather book-style case for the iPad Air. Here are a few of the many reasons why you might agree with us:

• The hidden magnetic closure allows you to easily close the case and protect your screen without needing to worry about belts, bands, clips, or buttons. Additionally, the magnetic closure also helps your iPad Air to sleep when the case is closed. This means that your battery life will significantly be preserved.

• The case adjusts to a number of different viewing angles. This means that the case will adjust to suit your needs — and not vice versa.

• The fine stitching combined with the high-quality leather allows this case to look great while also being extremely functional. In fact, this case looks as if it were a much more expensive case. Only you will know how reasonable the price for the case really was.

• The case has multiple openings that allow for easy access to the openings and the ports on your iPad Air. These cutouts are custom-created with exactness, so you can easily press the buttons and plug in earplugs and power cords without fear of needing to adjust the case to make them fit.


What is the Most Luxurious iPad Air Case?

What is the most luxurious Apple iPad Air case?Some would consider the most luxurious iPad Air case to be this Orbino case for the iPad Air. It is hard to argue anybody who would believe this way. Here are several reasons why people seem to really love this Apple iPad Air case when they are trying to go for luxury.

• The protective flap has an invisible magnetic closure. This closure works with the sleep and wake function on the iPad Air. This means that if you close the cover, your iPad goes asleep. Open it and your iPad wakes — a very simple, yet beneficial feature.

• These cases are unique in that they are stitched entirely by hand by Italian leather artisans. These artisans use a premium high-tensile waxed thread to pull the case together. Quality is the number one priority when creating these cases. Because the cases are handcrafted, each one is different and unique.

• The leather used to create these cases is beautiful to see, to touch, and even to smell. There is nothing like high-quality leather on an iPad case, and these Orbino cases are perfect examples of why leather makes such a great cover.

• The case has perfectly placed cutouts surrounding the iPad Air. This means that you can easily access to volume buttons, the on/off switch, and any other ports that might surround the iPad with ease.

• Very few companies can say that they create an iPad case with absolutely no use of plastics or solvent-based glues. However, Orbino can say that and this is just another reason why these cases are such high-quality cases.

• You will not find the patented, polished brushed metal removable spring-loaded typing stand on any other case available. This stand helps set these iPad cases from Orbino apart from many of the other cases available.

Five Reasons to Love this White iPad Air Case

white iPad Air caseWe already know that you love the iPad Air. Honestly, what is not to love? It is smooth, sleek, thin, powerful, and fun. It really brings the world of the tablet to the next level. However, you also have the ability to like some other things related to this iPad as well. For example, we think that you would like this white iPad Air case. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why we feel that you would love this case for your iPad Air:

1. This case is unique because it is white. We often see dark cases and colorful cases for the iPad Air, but there are a few that are as pure and simple as these white cases. The simplicity is sure to get you noticed and sure to demand respect.

2. The case is made from premium leather and that is handcrafted by Spanish artisans. The result is an immaculate case that is made from beautiful leather. Trust us. When look of these cases you will see why Piel Frama is such a popular case maker.

3. These cases support the sleep and wake function that is found in the iPad Air. All you need to do is open your case and the iPad Air turns on. Close your case and the iPad Air turns off and preserves battery life. There is nothing to remember and nothing to do. It is a great feature.

4. These cases are created to fit your iPad Air with exactness. Because the size of the iPad Air is a little different from the size of previous versions of the iPad, for best fit you will want to use a case that was designed specifically for your new device. This case is it.

5. The case also has a document compartment that you can use to file papers and cards and other paper items that you may not have another place for.


Our Best-selling iPad Air Case

best-selling iPad Air caseThe iPad Air is now here and it is easy to see why people are in love with it. The tablet is smooth, slick, and slim. However, the same features that are viewed as qualities can also be viewed as problems if the tablet is not properly protected. The truth is that the iPad Air only needs to be dropped once and all of the beauty that you are noting now could be gone in an instant.

The good news is that the Piel Frama iPad Air case that we sell is a beautiful case that also supremely protects your iPad Air. This is why these Piel Frama cases are the top-selling iPad Air cases we offer on Cases.com.

Here are a few reasons why we think that these cases are among some of the most-effective cases and most-popular cases that we offer for the iPad Air:

These cases are handcrafted to be some of the most immaculate and luxurious cases that you can find anywhere in the world. All of these cases are imported from Spain where they are made from authentic Spanish leather by artisans who have devoted their careers to learning the craft of leather-making. Trust us, this shows in their work.

Some think that the only cases that support the sleep/wake function in the iPad Air are the Apple smart cases, but this is not true. These Piel Frama cases are a great example of a case that will allow you to preserve battery life thanks to the fact that they are built to work with the sleep/wake function in the iPad Air.

These cases also include a compartment that you can use to easily store papers and documents that you receive when you are in meetings. This means that you can still continue to be fully digital, even if those around you are not yet.

The soft leather lining allows you to properly protect your iPad Air on the inside and the outside. The interior leather helps ensure that the iPad does not become scratched. This is especially important if you want to continue to see an impeccable view from the retina display.

Red Leather Apple iPad Air Case

red leather Apple iPad Air caseLet’s talk for a minute about why you may want to protect your new Apple iPad Air with a red leather iPad Air case. The truth is, there are a lot of different cases that you can choose to protect your iPad. It is also true that many of these cases will work well and will do the job for you.

However, we are assuming that you are someone who has high desire for a luxurious leather case — not just any old case. If this is true, then we definitely think that these red leather Apple iPad Air cases that we have will fit the bill and will provide you with exactly what you want.

How can we be so sure? Just check out a few of the features that are included with these cases and we think you will see why we feel confident that these are among some of the most luxurious cases available.

The leather in these cases is second to none. Leather artisans create these cases by hand from authentic Spanish leather. The company who creates these cases — Piel Frama – is well-known for their ability to create immaculate leather products. Simply taking a glance at these cases will show you that their reputation is well-deserved.

The color red is nice because it shows that you are confident and passionate. This mixture of confidence and passion allows you to be effective in showing power and ability.

Obviously, the case looks great, however that is not all. These cases are designed to properly protect your Apple iPad Air and they will do it. The flap successfully protects the retina display screen and keeps your iPad from becoming scratched.

Because these cases include a soft interior leather lining, as well as an exterior leather lining, you will find that these cases will do everything that they need to in order to keep your iPad Air protected.