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Can I Find an iPad Air Case for Less than $40

Can I Buy an iPad Case for less than $40An iPad Air is definitely a big purchase that is exciting to make. But once you get your iPad Air, it is very important that you protect it. There are different ways of thinking about how to protect your iPad Air. Some would say that you should buy the most expensive case available. Others would say that you should go without a case altogether and just be very careful with your iPad.

If you’re looking for a luxurious iPad Air case, we have those. However if you are debating if you have enough money to buy an iPad Air case, we would strongly suggest that you do buy one. The worst feeling is having a new iPad and then destroying it because it was not properly protected. Fortunately you can find an iPad air case for less than $40.

This Speck case for the iPad Air includes a full perimeter hard shell as well as an anti-scratch liner. This means that the outside of your iPad will be protected from bumps and bruises, while also being protected from things like scratches and scrapes that you might not be able to anticipate.

Because this case provides a very snug fit, you don’t need to worry about the iPad Air shifting places inside of the case. Once you put in place, it will stay there. This is especially true thanks to the secure closure clasp. This locking clasp make sure that your iPad stay secure in the case.

The multiple viewing angles are advantageous because they allow you to use your iPad in different ways. If you’re reading or typing or watching a video, you can adjust the way that you use this case to make every angle the best angle for you at a given time.

Can I Find an iPad Air Case for Less than $50?

Can I Find an iPad Air Case for Less than $50?You may be wondering, “Can I find an iPad Air case for less than $50?” The truth is that these cases often tend to be a little more expensive thanks to the fact that they need to do an excellent job in protecting your Apple iPad Air. However, this does not mean that you cannot find some cases that are priced below $50. In fact, we know of a great case that is less than $50 that you may love.

The SwitchEasy Canvas Case for the iPad Air is priced below $50 on Cases.com and provides the same sort of functionality and protection that you need from your iPad Air case. Here are a few reasons why we offer this case and why we think it would suit you well:

The case includes a magnetic portfolio-style cover that actually locks into place when you want to put it in place. This means that you do not need to worry about the cover flap opening up and exposing your retina display screen. The screen remains protected from scratches because you have locked the cover into place.

The case also features an on and off feature that works every time you open and close this iPad air case. This feature does a remarkable job of helping preserve battery life for your iPad air.

The case is durable and scratch-resistant. It also is splash-resistant and stain-resistant. The matte-coated canvas material is quite durable and protects your iPad Air in a lot of different ways.

You can use this iPad Air case in a few different ways. The case includes rubberized feet that will prop up the iPad Air at any level for allowing you to type, read, watch movies, and more.

What Makes a Great iPad Air Case?

Great iPad Air CaseIf you have recently received an iPad Air or are hoping to receive one very soon, your thoughts should be turned into finding out what makes a great iPad Air case. There are many different kinds of the iPad Air cases available, but not all are created alike. There are certain characteristics that will set some iPad Air cases apart from some of the other cases that are available.

We consider ourselves something of experts in the field of iPad Air cases, so we have a lot of background to give regarding which cases might be the best to use if you’re looking for a great iPad Air case. Here are some of the characteristics for which you should look.

Leather: it certainly is true that you can find a great iPad Air case that is not made of leather, however if you are really looking for a case that stands out from the crowd, you are more likely to find that case if it is a leather case. However, that does not mean that any leather case will do. Many of the cases that we feature here allow you to feel the difference in addition to seeing the difference.

Quality: The quality of the leather and the craftsmanship of your iPad Air case is important. There is no way that you should settle for an iPad Air case that does not protect great and look great — and the good news is that you don’t need to.

Durability: The iPad Air case that you own should be durable and easy to use. The last thing that you want is a case that constricts how to use your iPad Air. Many cases are able to accommodate your viewing habits and allow you to use the case at all times.

New Speck iPad Air Cases

New Speck iPad Air casesNow that the iPad Air has been available for a while, we are seeing more and more case makers come out with new iPad Air cases that might be viable options for you. One of these cases makers is Speck. Speck is a top-notch company that has had strong ties with creating cases for iOS products for some time already. Now the company has produced some new Speck iPad Air cases that we think you might like.

Each of these cases is backed by Speck as well as by Cases.com that these cases are among some of the top that you will find anywhere. Here reasons why these new Speck iPad Air cases are among our favorites:

• The cases include a hard shell as well as an ant-scratch liner. These two protective features combine to give your iPad an optimal amount of protection, regardless of what sort of accident might occur. These protective elements are snug and fit with exactness — however, they do not limit access to the ports and buttons that surround your iPad.

• These new Speck iPad Air cases also feature a closure clasp that is specifically designed to help ensure that your case stays closed around your iPad Air when you need it to be closed. This makes your case stay closed when you are on the go, yet still easy to open as soon as you need access to it.

• If you are like most iPad Air users, you do not simply use your iPad in one specific way— rather, you may use it to read, watch movies, take photos, etc. Speck has considered this, therefore these cases are designed to be used in multiple viewing angles so your case can be set up perfectly to use your iPad Air however you want to use it.


iPad Air Cases for Less than $50

We know that you have spent some big money on your iPad Air. Not that we can blame you, we did too. The truth is that if you want to have a device that is the industry-leading tablet, then you’re going to need to be willing to spend some money on it. However, this does not mean that you need to spend a fortune on your iPad Air case. In fact, we have some iPad Air cases that you can choose from that no only look great, but also cost less than $50.

Let us show you a couple of options that you can find on cases.com for less than $50.

iPad Air Case Less than $50

Speck Black / Slate StyleFolio Case for Apple iPad Air — $39
The Speck iPad Air case includes an anti-scratch liner and a protective hard shell to keep your iPad protected and free of scratches. The inner soft lining helps to protect from drops and bumps that might occur.

The case is made from vegan leather and includes a seamless design. The vivid colors as well as the high-resolution patterns make this a case that is simply beautiful to use.

The secure closure clasp locks into place so that iPad cover flap does not open and you can use this case in multiple viewing angles.

iPad Air case less than $50 2

SwitchEasy Pink Canvas Case for Apple iPad Air — $49.95

This case includes a magnetic portfolio style cover the locks into place. It also has an auto on an/auto off feature that allows you to save battery life on your iPad. The durable and scratch-resistant canvas material is great for helping keep your iPad Air protected.

You will appreciate the fact that this case is able to prop up your iPad Air for typing, reading, and more and that it is available in several attractive colors.

You Will Love this Speck iPad Air Case

Speck iPad Air caseThere are some iPad Air cases that you would like, however there are also some cases that you will absolutely love. We feel pretty confident that this Speck iPad Air case is one that you will love. How can we be so confident? Well, the hearts that cover this iPad Air case make us believe that way.

However, that is not to say that there is not a lot more to love about these iPad Air cases. Let’s take a look at them and detail some of the reasons why you will enjoy owning this iPad Air case.

The case includes a full perimeter hard shell as well as anti-scratch leather. The hard shell keeps the iPad snug and free from scratches. The soft leather lining helps to make sure that your iPad Air is protected from accidental bumps, spills, and drops.

The case includes a vegan leather cover that teachers a seamless design. You may choose from a few different vivid colors and patterns, including the hearts that you see pictured here. Because the vegan leather cover is easy to clean, it stays looking great all the time.

If you want to make sure that your case stays closed, the closure clasp that is included in these cases will be something that you appreciate. The clasp simply secures your iPad Air and holds it this way so that it stays shut when you’re on the go. Want to open the iPad Air case? Simply look at the clasp and it is ready to open.

You can use these iPad Air cases from Speck in multiple viewing angles. This means you can read and type and watch videos from different angles. This allows you to have the perfect angle for whatever you need.

Check Out This Slim iPad Air Case

slim iPad Air case Piel FramaThe beauty of the iPad Air is (among other things) the fact that this iPad is a full pound lighter and quite a bit thinner than even the most recent edition of the iPad. The lack of bulk of these iPads has not been lost on Piel Frama. The company has created a slim iPad Air case that perfectly accentuates the device by not adding unnecessary bulk, but still providing wonderful protection.

While one of the first features that will attract you to this case is its size, that is only the first of several features that we think you would love with these cases. Let us spell out for you a few other great features:

The iPad Air stays in place thanks to something that you won’t really see, but definitely will notice. The case features thousands of microscopic craters that create small vacuums between the craters and your iPad. You don’ need to know how this works. All you need to know is that your iPad stays in place.

Custom cutouts surround your device. You are used to Piel Frama providing cases that include custom cutouts for all of the ports and the volume controls, however this case includes another cutout that serves no function, but nonetheless looks great. The cutout on the rear of the case allows you to show off the unmistakable Apple logo on the back of your iPad Air.

Save your battery life thanks to the fact that this case is designed to work perfectly with the sleep/wake function of your iPad Air. All you need to do is open the cover to turn on your iPad. Conversely, putting your iPad to sleep is as simple as covering the protective flap. It really is just that easy.

How to Choose an Apple iPad Air Case

How to choose Apple iPad Air case

Now that you have the incredibly slim and incredibly sleek iPad Air in your hands, the first thing that you are noticing probably is that because this is such an amazing device, you absolutely do not want to do anything that might harm it or break it.

What this really means is that you need to learn how to choose an iPad Air case. The fact is that choosing to case is not as difficult as you might think it is. Sure, you don’t know everything about every case, but you already probably know a lot about what you like and understand a lot about what you need your iPad Air case to do. Let’s just talk for minute about what these cases should do so you can understand how to choose your iPad Air case.

Check to make sure that the case you choose is made of high-quality leather. Surely there are other cases that you can buy for your iPad Air, but why would you want to? You undoubtedly have spent quite a bit on your iPad Air and you want something that looks as elegant as the iPad Air itself. This is why you need leather. The leather cases that we feature here are made from authentic Spanish leather that has been handcrafted by artisans who love their work. Each case is handcrafted, therefore each one is just a little bit different. If you want something unique, a handcrafted leather case is a good choice.

Learn about how the case you choose is able to protect your iPad Air. Even though it is nice to have a case that looks great, the core functionality of an iPad case is to protect the iPad and make sure that your investment is protected. Make sure that the case you choose does a good job of protecting the retina display screen on the front your iPad as well as in the back of your iPad. It only takes one drop or bump to cause some serious damage to your device. Don’t let it happen.