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Check Out This Slim iPad Air Case

slim iPad Air case Piel FramaThe beauty of the iPad Air is (among other things) the fact that this iPad is a full pound lighter and quite a bit thinner than even the most recent edition of the iPad. The lack of bulk of these iPads has not been lost on Piel Frama. The company has created a slim iPad Air case that perfectly accentuates the device by not adding unnecessary bulk, but still providing wonderful protection.

While one of the first features that will attract you to this case is its size, that is only the first of several features that we think you would love with these cases. Let us spell out for you a few other great features:

The iPad Air stays in place thanks to something that you won’t really see, but definitely will notice. The case features thousands of microscopic craters that create small vacuums between the craters and your iPad. You don’ need to know how this works. All you need to know is that your iPad stays in place.

Custom cutouts surround your device. You are used to Piel Frama providing cases that include custom cutouts for all of the ports and the volume controls, however this case includes another cutout that serves no function, but nonetheless looks great. The cutout on the rear of the case allows you to show off the unmistakable Apple logo on the back of your iPad Air.

Save your battery life thanks to the fact that this case is designed to work perfectly with the sleep/wake function of your iPad Air. All you need to do is open the cover to turn on your iPad. Conversely, putting your iPad to sleep is as simple as covering the protective flap. It really is just that easy.

Looking for an iPad Air Cover?

iPad Air CoverIt is true that there are some of us who love to make sure that our phones and iPads are always covered by a case. However, there are others of us who prefer to let our devices live free a little bit. For these people perhaps it makes more sense to invest in an iPad Air cover. This cover is designed to protect your iPad when it is stowed away and not being used.

However, just because this cover does not always accompany your iPad Air, this does not mean that you should hide the cover. It is just as beautiful and immaculate as many of the cases that we provide for the iPad Air.

You are a few reasons why we love this case:

It is very slim. This means that including the iPad Air in this cover does not make the iPad Air all of a sudden bulky. You can easily use the cover without adding extra weight or thickness to your iPad.

Not only is this iPad air cover created with high-quality leather, but it is also created with leather that is soft and padded. This means that you can feel confident that your iPad Air is going to be protected while it is in this case.

The interior lining concludes leather and microfiber. This interior lining is important to help ensure that her case is not unduly scratched or otherwise damaged.

If you choose to also use a smart cover on your iPad, you can still have the smart cover on your device and have plenty of room to include it inside of this iPad Air cover. This means that you can actually have double protection for your device. And considering how much you pay for the iPad Air, it may not be a bad idea to be as protected as possible.


Five Reasons to Love this White iPad Air Case

white iPad Air caseWe already know that you love the iPad Air. Honestly, what is not to love? It is smooth, sleek, thin, powerful, and fun. It really brings the world of the tablet to the next level. However, you also have the ability to like some other things related to this iPad as well. For example, we think that you would like this white iPad Air case. Don’t believe us? Here are five reasons why we feel that you would love this case for your iPad Air:

1. This case is unique because it is white. We often see dark cases and colorful cases for the iPad Air, but there are a few that are as pure and simple as these white cases. The simplicity is sure to get you noticed and sure to demand respect.

2. The case is made from premium leather and that is handcrafted by Spanish artisans. The result is an immaculate case that is made from beautiful leather. Trust us. When look of these cases you will see why Piel Frama is such a popular case maker.

3. These cases support the sleep and wake function that is found in the iPad Air. All you need to do is open your case and the iPad Air turns on. Close your case and the iPad Air turns off and preserves battery life. There is nothing to remember and nothing to do. It is a great feature.

4. These cases are created to fit your iPad Air with exactness. Because the size of the iPad Air is a little different from the size of previous versions of the iPad, for best fit you will want to use a case that was designed specifically for your new device. This case is it.

5. The case also has a document compartment that you can use to file papers and cards and other paper items that you may not have another place for.


How to Know You Need an iPad Air Case

Weekend with iPad AirNow that you have your iPad Air or now that your iPad Air is on its way to you, it is definitely time to consider what you’re going to do to protect your iPad Air case. First of all, however, you need to answer the question of how you can know if you need an iPad Air case. We have a few criteria that will help you make your decision about if you should own an iPad Air case. Here are some of our thoughts:

You use your iPad Air on a regular basis. If your iPad Air is something that you use regularly from home, from the office, on transport or wherever else you might be, then we think it is a pretty good idea to have a case to protect your device. The iPad Air, as you know, is much thinner than previous iPads. While the device is certainly built well, this does not mean that it is indestructible. You are more likely to have an accident the more you use your iPad Air. Hence, it makes a lot of sense to protect it with the case.

You value your money. Simply put, the iPad Air is not an inexpensive device. Even the most inexpensive model is $500. Therefore, if you own an iPad Air you probably have paid a fairly significant amount for it and you would not be pleased to know that the device was damaged due to something that you could have avoided.

You own an iPad Air. Let’s not be silly. The fact is that if you own an iPad Air you should protect it with an iPad Air case. Period. And there is no reason why you should risk having your awesome new device damaged because you did not have enough foresight to buy a case for your iPad Air. The truth is that these cases are beautiful, luxurious and affordable. There really is no reason not to have an iPad Air case.

Check Out This Leather Apple iPad Air Case

Leather iPAd Air casesThe Apple iPad Air is now here, therefore we will see a lot of different case makers coming out with a variety of different cases. Even though the iPad Air is new, this does not mean that we need to learn a lot of new things about the cases.

For example, if there are leather case manufacturers who have created nice cases for other versions of the iPad, then we can fully suppose that these companies also will create great cases for the iPad Air.

This is fully evidenced by the iPad Air leather cases created by Piel Frama. Take a look at these cases and you’ll see why they are so attractive and so in demand.

These cases come in a lot of different colors as well as a lot of different patterns. You may choose the case in black, tan, red, blue, green, pink, brown, orange, white, or yellow. In addition to these different colors, you also may choose crocodile patterns, wild crocodile patterns, ostrich patterns, lizard patterns and other options.

These cases are made from immaculate leather. In fact, all Piel Frama cases are made by leather artisans who have learned how to hone their craft by hand. This means that every case that and they make — at least a little bit —  vary from every other case. This guarantees that you will receive a case that is unique and original.

These cases support the sleep function in the iPad Air. Of course, this helps make sure that your battery life lasts long and that you do not unnecessarily use battery life.

The document compartment that is included inside the case is advantageous because it allows you to store papers that you might receive in a meeting. Even if you’re trying to be as digital as possible, there’s no escaping papers from time to time.

Preorder Piel Frama iPad Air Cases

Piel Frama iPad Air CasesNow that the iPad Air is here and available, now is the time to select an iPad Air case that you will use to provide a high level of protection for your new investment. Although there are many cases from which you can choose, we are definitely partial to the Piel Frama iPad Air cases. There are so many reasons why we love these cases that we would be remiss if we did not share these reasons with you. Check out these reasons why you may want to look into pre-ordering a Piel Frama iPad Air case.

Piel Frama has been making leather products since 1945 — and it shows. That is more than half a century of creating beautiful leather products. This means that your iPad Air is certainly in good hands. A simple inspection will show you that these cases that are designed for the iPad Air are both beautiful and luxurious.

These Piel Frama cases support the sleep function in the iPad Air. This means that you will be able to easily open and close the case and each time you open or close it, the device will subsequently turn on or go to sleep as needed. This does a lot to help ensure that your iPad air does not lose unnecessary battery life.

The magnetic system closure helps make sure that the protective flap that covers the retina display screen stays closed when needed. However, because the closure is magnetic, the flap is easy to open when you need to access the device. Fortunately, there are no buttons, buckles, or straps to mess with.

These Piel Frama iPad Air cases also include a document compartment in which you can store papers and other items to which you might need easy access.


Everything You Need to Know about iPad Air, Cases

Screenshot 2013-10-22 16.41.01

It seems that Apple still does have a few tricks up its sleeve. Even though everybody expected an update to the iPad at the Oct. 22 event, nobody expected the announcement of the iPad Air. So what is it about this device that is exciting for people? There are a lot of answers to this question.

Here is everything you need to know about the iPad Air and iPad Air cases:

Can I use my current iPad case? Yes, the new iPad is slightly thinner, but your current iPad case or cover will fit.

When is it available? The iPad Air will be available for order on Nov. 1. This means you can order it online on that day or you can camp outside of an Apple store and try to be one of the first to have one of these devices in your hands.

What’s different about its appearance? The iPad Air is significantly thinner and lighter than prior versions of the iPad. This means that holding up the iPad to read from is even less likely to cause any sort of significant stress or fatigue.

How’s the connectivity? You’ll be able to connect to the Web with the iPad Air better than you have ever been able to do before. The reason is simple: instead of one antenna, the new iPad has two antennas. The iPad Air has a Wi-Fi connection that is up to two times as fast as prior models.

What about apps? The App Store now has more than 475,000 iPad apps and a few of the most popular for productivity now come free with the iPad Air. You will find that iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers, and KeyNote all are pre-installed on the iPAd Air.

What’s the cost? Keeping up with past practices, Apple has priced the iPad Air 16 GB device at $499. If you want a 32 GB device, you will need to pay an extra $100.