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3 Reasons Why an iPhone 5S Case Is Better Than No Case At All

Otterbox MAX 4HD RealTree Camo Defender Case for Apple iPhone 5 : 5SYou have undoubtedly come across some people from time to time who you may have noticed do not use a case for their iPhone 5s. If you are a religious iPhone 5s case user, then you probably look at them with some sense of incredulity.

These people might claim how nice it is to not need to use a case, but if you look beyond the words they are saying and think about why a case is useful, you will see at least 3 reasons why an iPhone 5s case is better than no case at all.

1) Even if a person who does not use an iPhone 5s case has thus far been able to manage to not drop or crack his iPhone 5s, he likely lives in constant fear of when it might happen. This alters his daily interactions and allows him less freedom than he would have than if he simply were to use a case.

2) An iPhone 5s case allows you to change the personality of your iPhone 5s. Let’s face it, even though it is a beautiful phone, the iPhone 5s does not do a lot to promote individuality in regards to how it looks. A new iPhone 5s case allows you to create a new personality for your phone.

3) The right iPhone 5s case can allow you to do and see things with your iPhone 5s that you might not otherwise be able to do. For example, if you buy a LifeProof iPhone 5s case, you can take pictures with your phone the next time you are in the pool or go snorkeling. Similarly, some OtterBox cases are designed with camo designs that make them perfect to use while in the great outdoors.



10 Reasons to Buy This Noreve Ambition Leather iPhone 5S Case

Noreve leather iPhone 5s caseAre you looking for a reason to buy a new iPhone 5s case? How about 10 of them? Take a look at the Noreve Ambition leather iPhone 5s case and we think you will easily find several reasons why the case could work well for you. Here are at least 10 of them, but we’re sure you could think of more than this as well.

10. The case gives you full access to all of the functions of your iPhone 5s, meaning that your phone remains very easy to use.

9. Would you like to make calls and receive calls without opening the protective flap? This case will let you do it.

8. Looking for a good place to store your credit cards? The two slots included with this case might help.

7. You can actually see the date and time on the home screen without needing to open up the protective flap. Convenient and creative.

6. All Noreve cases are among some of the top cases in the world thanks to the fact that they feature top quality handcrafted leather.

5. The other clasp closure helps make sure that you can easily access the case, but also easily secured your phone needed.

4. The slim and padded design allows you to feel comfortable that your iPhone 5s is being protected, while also not being overwhelmed by a bulky case.

3. If you have a reputation for being a bit clumsy with your iPhone 5s, you can rest assured that this case protects from all sides.

2. The camera lens and the flash are easily accessible and you do not need to worry about the case getting in your way.

1. The case really is simply beautiful. You would be hard-pressed to find a case that is more attractive than this one.

Why a Brown Crocodile iPhone 5s Case May be Right for You

PielFrama Letaher crocodile iPhone 5s caseBy this point we are going to assume that you probably have already done a little bit of shopping around for a new case for your iPhone 5s. In fact, you may already have become a bit exasperated that there are so many choices and you simply don’t know which one to choose. Perhaps we can make the choice little easier on you by suggesting that you look into this Piel Frama iPhone 5s crocodile case.

These cases are among the most luxurious cases that we offer and they include so many of the features from different types of phone cases all in one case. You can have the best of all worlds with this iPhone 5s case.

So why are we so high on these cases? Here are a few reasons why we think you will love them:

1) The Piel Frama case includes an optional swivel belt clip system. This means that you can easily place the case and the accompanying phone on your waist and have easy access to them. However, because the clip is removable you can also use the case in a different way without needing to worry about the clip.

2) These cases are handcrafted by authentic Spanish artisans who have honed their craft and are creating some of the most luxurious leather cases that you can find anywhere in the world. Because each and every case is handcrafted, no two cases are exactly alike. This helps ensure that you will receive a case that is unique.

3) The magnetic closure helps keep the flap closed so your screen is properly protected. The best thing about using a magnet is that you don’t have to worry about it randomly opening or closing. Simply flip it open it and flip it closed.


Leather iPhone 5s Card Case

Leather Apple iPhone 5s caseIf you have now purchased an iPhone 5s, the next item of business is finding a great case that will protect the phone, but also make your phone even easier to use. This Piel Frama leather iPhone 5s card case will fit the bill in both of those instances. Let us explain a few reasons why we feel that you would love to own this leather iPhone 5s card case.

• The case is made off authentic leather that is handcrafted by Spanish artisans. You are unlikely to find any leather cases that are as high quality as these cases. One reason for the quality is simply the fact that Piel Frama puts a lot of effort into making their cases look amazing. They do not cut corners to try to cut costs. They simply put the best quality items into their cases to make sure that they are something that you love.

• You will notice that these cases include two card slots. These card slots could be used for anything from credit cards to hotel key cards. Regardless of what you choose to use the slots for, there is comfort in knowing that you can access and use these slots whenever you need them. The case also includes one money pocket. You will probably find it advantageous to use this case instead of a wallet at times. This really means that the case could simplify your life in a minor, but significant way.

• These Phone 5s card cases come in so many different varieties and colors that it is nearly impossible to not be able to find what you want. They come in plain leathers, crocodile patterns, ostrich patterns, and lizard patterns. In addition to this you can find these cases in virtually every color of the rainbow.