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Introducing the G Pad

For a long time the Apple iPad has been the leader in the tablet market. In fact, there has been no other tablet that has really competed with the iPad to take away its top spot. However, this does not mean that other organizations are content to simply let Apple run away with the market.

In fact, LG electronics is now coming out with an Android tablet that will try to take some of the market share from the iPad. The new device is called the G Pad. The tablet will join other LG products such as G phone and an LP Optimus G Pro.

Although this is not the first foray for LG in the world of the tablets, this new device does appear to be promising. It will be slim and sleek with a powerful battery. The weight and size is actually larger than the Apple iPad Mini, but smaller than the Apple iPad 2.

The device weighs about half as much as the Apple iPad. It will have 16 GB memory, as well as a camera on the front and on the back. It also sports a high-quality HD display. It is about 8.5 inches and will run on the Android Jellybean 4.2 operating system.

One of the key features for the G Pad is the “knock-on” ability, which lets users shut down the tablet by tapping twice on the screen. You also can slide aside apps to open a new one. Although users cannot use the G Pad as a cell phone, they can see messages and calls that are coming into their phones and be able to text to the person calling.

No price for the G Pad has been announced yet, but it is expected to be available before the holiday season.