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Edible OtterBox Cases? A Funny April Fool’s Joke

Have you ever looked at your OtterBox iPhone 4S case or your OtterBox Samsung Galaxy Nexus case and think, “Man, I wish this case were a cold cut!”? If you have, perhaps some professional help may be in order for you.

For the rest of us, the April Fool’s joke that OtterBox played is just a funny way that the company showed that it has a good personality in addition to creating quality cases.

So, what are some of the “edible” OtterBox cases that the company promoted on its website on April 1, 2012? Here are a few:

Veeta OtterBox cases

The Veeta case is made completely out of processed cheddar cheese. OtterBox recommends keeping a few crackers on hand when using this OtterBox case, which it promotes as being smooth and creamy.

Coldcut OtterBox cases

OtterBox claims that these cases are made from the “finest lunchmeat found at the local grocer.” Just carry around a couple of slices of bread and you always have access to a sandwich as well as an OtterBox case.

Lil’ Sprout OtterBox cases

The lil’ sprout OtterBox cases are made for those smartphone users who want to protect their phones in the most natural way possible. OtterBox promotes the case as being a leafy and 100 percent organic case that tastes great and leaves room for your next meal, er . . . case.

ABC OtterBox cases

The “Already Been Chewed” OtterBox cases are designed to stick to everything so you definitely do not ever need to worry about it slipping out of place. OtterBox says the ABC case is a great OtterBox case for school children who can use the case to conceal their phones under their desks.

What kind of edible smartphone case would you create?