The Best Way to Charge your BlackBerry Bold 9000 — the Case-Mate Rechargeable Battery Pack

If you own a BlackBerry 9000, we can say with a fairly high level of certainty that there have been occasions that you have glanced down at the phone, noticed that the device was nearly out of its battery charge, and immediately tried to start using the phone less to help the battery last longer until the time came for you to be able to charge it again.

But what if we told you that your experience with your BlackBerry Bold 9000 didn’t need to be like this? In fact, it is highly likely that you could go a full day without needing to charge your phone by simply making a change in the BlackBerry Bold 9000 case you choose to use.

How could a case help? Well, if the case that you purchase is the Case-Mate Rechargeable BlackBerry Bold 9000 case, then we think you could immediately see how such a case would be a nice accessory to your phone to keep it charged all day long.

Thanks to the extended battery life features included on this BlackBerry Bold 9000 case by Case-Mate, you can get an additional 7 hours of use that you would not get if you were relying simply on the charge from the BlackBerry Bold 9000’s charge.

In terms of stand-by time, this Case-Mate BlackBerry Bold rechargeable case gives users an extra 20 days of standby time. Suffice it to say that you can go through most days without needing to worry about battery life at all.

One of the nice features associated with these Case-Mate cases is the fact that the on/off button on the case allows you to choose when the battery pack on the case is engaged.

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