Time to Buy T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note Cases

If you can remember back a few months to January and February, you may remember that the Samsung Galaxy Note was kind of a big deal. Perhaps you saw the Super Bowl commercial or perhaps you had the phone mentioned to you by an AT&T representative while smartphone shopping.

If you are a T-Mobile customer, but had interest in the Samsung Galaxy Note at the time, you were out of the luck since the carrier did not have an agreement with Samsung to sell the Galaxy Note.

But if you are still interested, it looks like your patience is getting ready to pay off. The Samsung Galaxy Note is coming to T-Mobile.

T-Mobile has just issued a press release that the Samsung Galaxy Note will be available through them in the coming weeks. This means that you are going to want to start looking into T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note cases for your phone to protect it if you decide to buy one.

If having a slick phone that includes one of the biggest screens you can find sounds like a good idea to you, than perhaps the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note will be a good option for you.

Just like its AT&T cousin, the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note will be running Qualcomm Snapdragon, meaning that you will benefit from owning an ultra-quick and super-responsive phone. The phone also is shipping with the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system – the most current Android operating system.

Lest we forget to mention it, the Galaxy Note sets itself apart from other smartphones thanks to fact that it includes a 5.3-inch screen. Cases.com features some beautiful leather Samsung Galaxy Note cases that are designed to keep the phone in great working condition while also accentuating the aesthetics.

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