Unique iPad Air Cases

unique iPad Air casesIf you own an iPad Air, then we are going to go ahead and assume that being unique and a little bit different from the crowd is important to you. You like to be on the cutting edge, and that’s a good thing. Therefore, we think that you would agree that a unique iPad Air case could help you in multiple ways. In addition to simply protecting your iPad, these unique iPad Air cases look great and are among some of the most luxurious iPad Air cases that you will find on any site.

These cases are created by Piel Frama. Piel Frama is well known as one of the top luxurious case manufacturers in the world. A simple glance at the kinds of cases they produce is enough evidence to show why they are so popular. Let us explore for a minute a few of the reasons why you may like these unique iPad Air cases to protect your new device.

Each of these cases are handcrafted in Spain by leather artisans. You will not find cases like this that come from a factory where everything is mass-produced. No, to produce a unique case like this there needs to be an extra level of craftsmanship and pride in work that the machine would not give you.

These cases include a magnetic system closure. This serves two purposes. First of all, the magnetic closure is great for protecting your screen. Because the iPad Air features a retina display screen that is beautiful to behold, the last thing you want to do is have the screen scratched or damaged. Secondly, this feature is advantageous because it syncs up with the sleep/wake function of the iPad Air. Simply close the case and your iPad sleeps. Opening it back up wakes the iPad.

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